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Name:Laura Brienne Meyer
Birthdate:Mar 30
Laura Brienne Meyer was born the daughter of a talent agent and his attorney wife in Los Angeles. While she went to some of the best and most expensive private schools in the area, often surrounded by the children of celebrities, she was never interested in that life. Growing up, she was every bit the daddy’s girl, but her mom was her hero and her idol. She wanted to be like her – powerful and in charge. Some of her earliest memories are of her mom coming home after winning big cases, and how proud she was. People often underestimated her abilities, but she surprised them. Laura wanted to follow in her footsteps.

Granted, like many kids, she would have her rebellious moments, usually involving music. She learned to play guitar at a young age when she asked for lessons, and while many kids she knew were changing their minds on what lessons to take every week, she stuck with guitar and got pretty damn good at it. But that wasn’t enough. Music became her way to relieve stress, and a few days before her 16th birthday, she hooked up with her first boyfriend, Marcus. He taught her to play drums so she could join his band, and to her parents’ dismay, she missed a few too many days of school after staying out too late with the band. It was only when she got her first report card with an F on it that she pulled her shit together, broke up with Marcus, and moved forward with focusing on school. Music remained a creative outlet, but she was determined to be an attorney like her mother, and there was no stopping her once she’d put her mind to something.

Her first F would also be her last, and she ended up going to law school in New York, making the leap to go to the other coast. New friendships formed and solidified her place in New York, eventually leading her back to music when she sort of accidentally fell into a band. Her best friend, Angela, who knew she was a drummer in the past, had a friend of a friend starting a rock band called Blazing Phoenix in need of a drummer. Laura auditioned for the spot with frontman Zed Blaze and his best friend, bassist Melody Winters, and landed it. She’s a bit older than the rest of the band, but that’s never been a problem, Laura sort of taking on a big sister role and keeping an eye out for everyone. Drumming in a hard rock band is exactly the stress relief she needs – it got her through the last years of college and law school, and now that she’s working for Mark Campbell’s law firm, it’s getting her through after the tougher cases she deals with.

Her dream is to follow in her mom’s footsteps and one day make partner in a firm, but for now, she’s content in learning from one of the best attorneys she’s ever met, and rocking out at night with the little family she’s surrounded herself with. She isn’t currently dating anyone, swearing that she’s way too busy, but she’d be lying if she said she would hate having someone to come home to on the rougher days.
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